Reviews from the class

This page will be regularly updated with reviews from children about the books they have been reading in order to help show visitors which texts are having an impact in class.

Moongirl and Devil Dinosaur by Anabelle 

I like Moongirl and Devil Dinosaur because it is funny and Moongirl is really smart! Devil Dinosaur is so clumsy and his language is hilarious. I recommend this book to readers who love dinosaurs, graphic novels, inventions and marvel! It’s one of my favourite series. I’m so excited for the rest of the books in that series. Lots of people in our class adore Moongirl and Devil Dinosaur!


Spaceboy by Maddox and Molly 

We liked Spaceboy because it  was futuristic, sad and dramatic all at the same time. Everybody should read this book if you like mystery and space. All of our class is obsessed with the series and desperate to read the rest of the books. We never realised how good it was until our class mate recommend it to us. It’s for all ages, please read.


The unicorn of many hats by Isla & Anabelle (Year 4

People should read this book because it is funny and very hard to stop reading! We like how good their friendship is and how they work together. It’s funny when Marigold gets stuck looking at herself.

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One trick pony by Abi

Rating 8/10

I love this book because it is about a horse but the horse is metal and there is a girl that tries to break the horse because she think it’s controlled by the pipers (the evil things!) I recommend this book for people who like robots and adventurous stories set in the future.

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Bone: Out from Boneville by Samuel

Rating: 5/5

The best graphic novel I’ve ever read! I would recommend this book to age 6 and above I would also recommend this novel to people that like adventurous graphic novels. The main characters travel to new places and get chased by rat creatures which made me desperate to find out what would happen next.

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Amulet The Stonekeeper’s Curse by Amber

Rating: 8/10

I recommend Amulet to children aged 7 and above because there is lots of difficult words that young children may struggle to understand. If you like adventures you will really enjoy this story, the main characters are Emily and Navin who are always up to no good!

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The Evil Emperor Penguin Strikes Back by George

Rating: 4.7 / 5

I started reading this book because it had a unicorn and a penguin on the cover. I would recommend this book if you like bright colours and adventurous books. What I really like about it was that is had different stories with all 5 main characters.My favorite character is Eugene he is a minion that works for the evil penguin, I found this book very funny and entertaining.

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Nimona by Abi

I heard about this book because of my sister so I thought i might read it. I adored it l because it’s about a girl that can shape shift Nimona she becomes a villains side kick .I personally love myths so if you love myths and hero fighting this wold be the book for you.

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Ghosts by Jazmine

Rating: 10/10

Ghosts is a really good book by Raina Telgemeier. It is about a family who move to a place called Bahia De La Luna to help a girl called Maya with her cystic fibrosis which is a breathing disorder. When they get there they realise that the town they have moved to is a ghost town. I thought the book was quite sad but it was also quite funny, the ghosts are funny more than scary.

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The Baby-Sitters Club by Maisie

Rating: 5/5

This book is filled with surprises and is very interesting. It has lots of hilarious chapters in it and Kristy has a great new idea for her job and her friends…

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Amulet: The Stonekeeper by Maisie

Rating: 5/5

This book is extremely exciting, it is very shocking and bizarre. A family start a new life in a new house but something mysterious happens. They set off on a magical journey in a bid to make their life normal again. Once you get into the first 10 pages you’ll never stop reading it!

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